AGRI POWER 1000 (500ML)

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AGRI POWER 1000 (500ML)

AGRI POWER 1000 (500ML)

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ZOE AGRIPOWER 1000 is a concentrated non-ionic multipurpose spray with 80% active ingredients which on mixing with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc.  It increases their efficacy. It is an excellent spreader and activator. As a result the crops, fruits and vegetables are better protected from diseases and pests resulting in better yield.
ZOE AGRIPOWER 1000 increases crop yield by improving pesticide coverage. It activates the spray fluid to moisten the plant surface and allows uniform spreading of spray deposits.
It is very helpful in irrigation, which improves the water absorption in the soil. It helps and facilitates in uniform mixing of powders, pesticides and most liquid fertilizers. It is a Non Phyto toxic, safe, eco friendly and biodegradable.
STORAGE DIRECTIONS: Combustible liquid. Store in the original container. Do not expose to direct sunlight and heat. Store in a cool place away from sunlight. Always close bottle properly after use.
CAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid skin and eye contact. If it gets into eye accidentally flush eyes with lot of fresh water and get medical attention as soon as possible. If it comes in contact with skin then wash with soap and fresh water as soon as possible.
AMOUNT TO USE: Use 5ml in 15 litres of water with insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers, plant nutrients and defoliators.
WITH  HERBICIDES : Use 20ml in 15 litres of water.
FOR IRRIGATION: 160ml in 80 litres of water per acre.
DIRECTION FOR USE: Prepare a solution by mixing with required quantity of AGRIKURE 85 with 15 litres of water  and then add recommended doses of the pesticides as per   pesticide label instructions and spray on crop. 

M.R.P. 689/-

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